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Episode 4: Assurance and the Man in Romans 7 with guest Dr. Kim Riddlebarger

Thursday, June 3, 2010

 Have you ever struggled against sin and thought you may not be a Christian because of your struggle? Do unbelievers love that which is good as God defines good and hate that which is evil as God defines evil? Do you believe that no longer sinning is as easy as "letting go" and you tell other people they're not saved if they haven't "let go" just as you want them to believe you have? If so, you may want to take another look at Romans 7. 

In this episode of Rightly Divided, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger and myself discuss the man in Romans 7, and the assurance of the believer.

Pastor Kim Riddlebarger is the pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, CA, a host on the show The White Horse Inn, and the author of The Man of Sin and A Case for Amillenialism.

Here is his blog:

Here is where you can get his two books:

1) A Case for Amillenialism:

2) The Man of Sin:


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