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Episode 1: Does Reformed Theology Matter? with guest Dr. James White

Friday, April 2, 2010

Does Reformed Theology matter? Some say that it's irrelevant, and all that we should care about is getting people to make decisions for Jesus. Others say that if being careful and exact with your theology and then actually defending it is important to you, you're worshiping an idol and need to repent of your idolatry. So do these people have real claims or does the theology that you hold to really matter (in particular whether you hold to Reformed Theology)? Dr. James White gives some insight on how Reformed Theology affects one's apologetic, worship of God, and everyday life as a believer and why Reformed Theology is the most consistent and effective way to defend Biblical Christianity here on the first edition of Rightly Divided.

Link to the debate video with Potter that was shown in this video.

Dr. White's Youtube Channel:
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You can see the Resource of the Month video that Dr. White and I shot this same day here.

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